The IAAF Council accepted the Russia Taskforce’s recommendation not to reinstate RusAF until the following two conditions have been met in full:

- The AIU must confirm that it has been given all of the data and access to the samples that it needs to determine which of the Russian athletes in the LIMS database have a case to answer for breach of the IAAF anti-doping rules. The IAAF Council was clear that Russian athletes cannot return to international competition unconditionally until that issue is resolved one way or the other.

- RusAF must pay all of the costs incurred in the work of the Taskforce and in bringing or defending Russian cases at CAS. The IAAF Council was clear that this debt must be settled for reinstatement to occur; it is not fair to ask the IAAF and its other members to continue to carry these costs.

The Taskforce hopes that RusAF and the Russian authorities will now take all steps necessary to meet these conditions as soon as possible. The Taskforce stands ready to meet as soon as these conditions have been met in order to make a recommendation to Council for the reinstatement of RusAF.

We have registered 298 anti-doping rule violations involving Russian track and field athletes in the Anti-Doping Database. India follows with 209 ADRVs while USA has 168.