The most complete database of banned athletes

Spend less time doing research on doping in sport.
We register anti-doping rule violations from all sports and all countries.

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Save hours of time

Doing a story on doping in sport? Are you defending an athlete who has tested positive for doping?
Or are you doing academic work and need data?
Most likely you are already spending to much time doing research to get information for your task. Using the Anti-Doping Database will make you save time and get all the information you need - and more.
We have done the heavy lifting for you.

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Sort data on the fly

The data can be sorted to your liking. By length of suspension, the most cases or by substance - to name a few options.

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Cross reference data

Do you know which country has the most doping cases? Or which substance is used the most?
We store anti-doping rule violation from all sports and all countries - and have done so since 2005.
With the database you can compare sports, countries or substances. Now you can find witch sport or country who has the most doping cases, or which substance is used the most.
If you have a list of athletes, you can check the list against our database and see who is currently banned for doping, or who has been in the past.

The Anti-Doping Database is used by national anti-doping organisations, sports federations, academics, journalists, lawyers and anyone else working to fight doping in sport.

Target data quickly & spot trends

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We register information on athletes who has violated an anti-doping rule from all sports and all countries. This makes The Anti-Doping Database unique, and is why many sports organizations use us today.

By putting the data together it is possible to see trends; for instance which sport has the biggest problem with doping and which substances is the most commonly used in that sport or in one country.

We don't need more than 30 minutes of your time for this demonstration. This also includes time for Q&A.

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  • A WADA spokesman referred me to the Anti-Doping Database when I asked for historic data on drug violations. We used the information to paint a picture of doping trends in Summer Olympic sports and used several of the examples from the data as case studies. The data does not cover every violation because of different countries’ reporting practices, but what is there is very granular, so it is a useful starting point for telling many types of stories.

    Bonnie Berkowitz
    Graphics Reporter | The Washington Post
  • I'm seeing as a great tool to get an overview when there's a fresh doping case in the news image. The page gives a good overview of previous doping cases - sorted by different substances, nations and sports. The page is clear and works well.

    Anders Kokkin Christiansen
    Investigative sports journalist | VG
  • The Dopinglist is a reliable source, alfa and omega in todays journalism. Easy and fast to use. Questions are answered rapidly and accurate. Great site.

    Nils Kr. Reppen
    Graphics Journalist | NTB AS

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