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Japanese short track speed skater Saito first to test positive at 2018 Winter Olympic Games

February, 13, 2018
Kei Saito of Japan was the first athlete connected to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang to test positive for a banned substance. Saito tested positive for Acetalozamide. [ Read more ]
February, 16, 2018
Lausanne; 16 February 2018: The latest anti-doping education seminar has concluded in Azerbaijan as the IWF continues to oversee anti-doping education seminars in its nine suspended Member Federations (MFs) and support them bring about cultural change.
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February, 15, 2018
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is pleased to learn that the International Testing Agency (ITA) has taken another step forward in becoming operational and has appointed Benjamin Cohen as its Director General.
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February, 08, 2018
Six Russian athletes and seven members of the athletes' entourage had their Olympic Games participation hopes crushed on Thursday when the Ad Hoc Division of CAS ruled on the basis of the written submissions filed by the parties and determined that the CAS ad hoc Division lacked jurisdiction to deal with any of the two applications.
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Facts: Prohibited Prohibited Association

June, 09, 2015
The following rule was added to the World Anti-Doping Code which came into force in 2015:
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Latest case

Anastasia Kirhina, competing in the sport of Track and field, has been suspended after testing positive on the prohibited substance Violation of the Prohibition of Participation During Ineligibility.
The athlete was handed a four years suspension.
Anastasia Kirhina is the 1 athlete we have registered in the Anti-Doping Database who has been suspended after testing positive for Violation of the Prohibition of Participation During Ineligibility this year.
Totally 5 athletes has been registered in the database suspended for Violation of the Prohibition of Participation During Ineligibility.
Anastasia Kirhina is also the 708 athlete from Russian Federation to be added to our database after testing positive for a prohibited substance.
We have a total of 8756 cases in the database.