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Chinese swimmers experiense increased target testing before the Paris Olympics

Chinese swimmers are being target tested out-of-competition prior to the Olympic Games in Paris starts. The swimmers has been tested so much that the team has reacted over the increased testing before the Paris Olympics.

How The NRK Used the Anti-Doping Database to highlight athletes with a doping past

The Norwegian Broadcaster NRK has published an article on athletes with a doping past participating in the Olympic Summer Games in Paris. They used the Anti-Doping Database to get the number of historic statistics and names of athletes.

Can Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games Be the Cleanest Games Ever?

Oslo (ADDB): ITA, WADA and IOC are tightening the net for athletes trying to win by using prohibited substances or methods.

Wimbledon a Clean Event since 2007

Wimbledon hasn’t had a positive test during its tournament since 2007. The tournament is the cleanest out of the four Grand Slam tournament according to our records.

Cocaine or Steroids? Unveiling Doping Trends in Soccer

Norway and Italy are the two countries with the most doping cases in soccer. 36 Norwegian and 31 Italian players has been banned for using prohibited substances or methods.

Doping Sanctions in European Athletics: A Statistical Overview

European Athletics Championships in Rome is underway and we dived into the Anti-Doping Database to find statistics for doping Europe. One country stands out with 44% of the top 10 list of European countries we present in this article.

Colombian rider banned 4 years for Menotropin

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) advises that the UCI Anti-Doping Tribunal has rendered a decision against Colombian rider Miguel Ángel López.

French Open a Clean Event For 13 Years

French Open hasn’t had a positive test during its tournament since 2011. In total, only seven athletes have been banned after testing positive during the tournament in the French capital.

Ethiopian Olympic steeplechase finalist banned five years

Zerfe Wondemagegn from Ethiopia has tested positive for EPO and will miss the next two Olympic Games.

Norwegian Wrestler in danger of being suspended for one year

The Norwegian wrestler Oskar Marvik has been given three warnings for breaching the duty to report regulations, but the national team wrestler believes that Antidoping Norway (ADNO) has assessed the case incorrectly. He is supported by the Norwegian Wrestling Federation.

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